We Are Next Mentors - Code of Conduct

If you have witnessed a violation of our Code of Conduct, please report it here.

1. Mentorship arrangement

Being a We Are Next Mentor means volunteering some of your time to help provide career guidance for students and young talent in the advertising and marketing industry. You are opting in to be included in our collective of mentors and be featured on our Mentor page.

We Are Next does not match mentors with mentees. Instead, We Are Next users are encouraged to find specific mentors they feel will best help them within our mentor collective, and reach out to them via LinkedIn. Some may have a one-off question, and others will look to form long-term relationships. It is not guaranteed that users will reach out to you.

The structure and format of your mentorship is totally up to you and your mentee(s). There is no required number of hours or touchpoints.

If at any point you get too busy—work picks up, you’re getting overwhelmed by people reaching out, or you just need a break—just send us a message and we’ll remove you from the page. Re-submit yourself whenever you’d like.

You or your mentee(s) may dissolve the relationship at any time.

2. Mentor expectations

Mentors are expected to be responsive within a reasonable amount of time. You don’t have to respond immediately, but if you’re too busy to engage or need a few extra days to respond, please let our users know that. No ghosting allowed.

Mentors are expected to be encouraging, engaged, and supportive.

Mentors are expected to be respectful and accepting of any individual or group of individuals, no matter their religion, race, color, ethnicity, country of origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or sexual identity.

Mentors are expected to protect sensitive information. As mentors, you may be privy to sensitive, confidential or personal information shared by mentees. Please assume that all information is confidential, unless your mentee(s) tells you otherwise.

Mentors are not expected to get their mentees jobs, connect them with others in their network (unless you’re willing to), or provide financial support.

3. Mentor Violations

The following violations will not be tolerated, and will result in an immediate removal/ban from We Are Next Mentors:

  • Demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech of any kind.

  • Facilitating or encouraging illegal activity, including underage drinking.

  • Asking mentees for payment/compensation of any kind.


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