7 Sites the Industry's Reading

A question I've been hearing recently is, "What sites do you read regularly?" On the surface it's an easy one—so much of our job is reading and absorbing—but only a few actually come to mind beyond ones that keep me a functioning and informed human being. So I started asking around, gathering input from folks at different agencies. Most had a similar reaction—in today's smorgasborg of content, it seems we tumble down rabbit holes and serendipitously scroll vs. rely religiously on a couple sites. 

That being said, some sites did come up, so I'm sharing them as a small sample of 7 sites the industry's reading now. There's a little something for everyone, so bookmark away. 


99u helps creatives bring their ideas to life. Based on the idea that "genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration," its content focuses on actionable insights from leading researchers and visionary creatives to take ideas from concept to execution.

It's Nice That

Based in the UK, It's Nice That collects creative inspiration from a variety of industries and media. Because the whole creative industry is interrelated—advertising intersects design, art, fashion, publishing, etc.—the site helps get us out of our singular focus. 


Think of OpenStrate.gy as a directory of resources and tools for strategists. The fairly young site aggregates links from all over, and organizes them into specific categories to help you tackle specific tasks. 

Dazed & Confused

Born as an alternative style and culture magazine in the 90s, Dazed & Confused has evolved with the times while maintaining its underground roots. Its digital platform, Dazed Digital continues to be a signal for emerging youth culture, and a vanguard of global style. 

Buzzfeed, YouTube, Reddit

People are slow to admit they read Buzzfeed, but its influence, and ability to capture attention is undeniable. Checking in on what's trending on Buzzfeed (and also YouTube and Reddit) is a solid way to feel out the zeitgeist and cultural context for our work.

One theme that came up with everyone is that time to read, while important, is often the first thing to go when things get busy. It's something that requires protecting. How will you creatively build reading into your days?

Happy reading,