4 Advertising(Ish) Podcasts To Put In Your Ears

Advertising podcasts to put in your ears

I've gotten several questions about podcasts specifically about working in advertising—ones about what's happening in the industry and the people behind it. When you wade through all the small business/digital marketing ones, the pool is relatively small. We did some digging and found four advertising(ish) podcasts for some Memorial Day, graduation, or break-before-work-starts listening. (We've only included podcasts that are actively releasing episodes, at the time of writing this). 

Behind the scenes, we're working hard on the We Are Next podcast, created specifically for students and fresh talent. Something specific you'd want to hear? Hit reply and let us know.

Don't Get Me Started podcast

1. Don't Get Me Started 
Created and hosted by Dan Balser, Advertising Department Head at The Creative Circus, DGMS is an old faithful for those in advertising. Every two weeks, Dan sits down with a giant (their title usually starts with a "C"—CEO, CCO, COO) or an up-and-coming rockstar from the industry's most established agencies. With a focus on the personal stories behind big careers and campaigns, it's an informative peek behind the curtain and an inspirational listen. 

Yeah, That's Probably an Ad by Adweek

2. Yeah, That's Probably An Ad
Stay close to what's going on in the industry through banter and discussion between the news team at Adweek. Started in 2016, the podcast does a solid job at touching on tangentially relevant industries like tech, entertainment and media, giving listeners an expanded view of what's up. 

The Brand Hole podcast

3. The Brand Hole
A newcomer to the scene, The Brand Hole answers the burning question—what are the world's biggest brands horny for? Hosts Caitlin Barrett and Mike Albanese tackle one topic per week (ex. authenticity, disruption, apologies) using real and timely examples. While less directly about advertising, understanding what brands care about and what gets them going can strengthen you as a partner to your clients.

Louder Than Words with John Bonini

4. Louder Than Words: Creative Talks with John Bonini
With a focus on the personal and professional growth of creatives in various industries, this one's the least directly related. But learning about the creative processes of people working in business, art and tech—including big names like Seth Godin and Elle Luna—you'll find yourself applying takeaways to your own career. 

While what's out there may be limited, keep in mind that being great at advertising involves "immersing yourself in everything but advertising." For some non-advertising listening, check out 3 podcasts to feed your brain. And look out for the We Are Next podcast, coming soon (promise).

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