3 Advertising Podcasts To Help You Understand The Industry Today


Podcasts about advertising hosted by those working in the industry used to be pretty rare, but thankfully, a whole crop of fresh ones have emerged in the last couple years. Even better, they're amplifying lesser-heard voices in the industry, which is beneficial because the more perspectives you're exposed to as you start your career, the better. To make sure you're up on the latest listens, inspiring guests, and tough topics, here are three advertising podcasts to check out. (For more podcasts, read this.)

Image by    l  illen

Image by lillen

1) Mixed Company 
In their own words: Eavesdrop as Kai, Karinna, and Simeon bring the silo’d and uncomfortable conversations about diversity & inclusion in the workplace to the forefront, so everyone can participate. They'll say all the things you never hear in mixed company.

Why listen: There are too many things we all experience that rarely get talked about publicly. Kai, Karinna, and Simeon—who are mid-level talent of color at agencies like AKQA and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness—dig into these topics in an unflinching, shoot-the-shit way. Guaranteed you'll start nodding your head as you listen because you can relate. 

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In their own words: ADLANDIA is a bi-weekly podcast focused on the signals in the noise of the advertising/marketing industry. Every other Tuesday, Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon -- two of Madison Ave's most disruptive female voices -- will challenge that "same ol'" thinking, address what's in your feed, and highlight trends that haven't hit the trades, or at least not quite in the same way. Each episode listeners will have a chance to meet some of the industry's most inspiring talent and learn about the business models, ideas and obsessions they're bringing to the booth. Along with their guests, Laura and Alexa will attempt to solve the toughest questions plaguing marketers, publishers and platforms, leaving listeners with new perspectives to bring back to the boardroom.

Why listen: ADLANDIA's hosts—Laura Correnti, EVP, Managing Director, Media at Giant Spoon, and Alexa Christon, Head of Media Innovation at GE—get that looking outside the immediate ad industry is where the magic happens. Coming at conversations from both sides of the agency-brand aisle means more fresh takes on what's going on, and deeper looks behind the industry curtain—all wrapped in banter between two badass women.

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3) Borrowed Interest
In their own words: An advertising podcast hosted by three women of color, kicking it in the business and working it all out with thoughtful discussions, screams and laughter. We’re your workplace wokebaes with something to say, so listen up!

Why listen: The conversations between mono Producer Amalia Nicholson, mono Copywriter Shareina Chandler, and Fallon Art Director Leeya Jackson are the ones the industry should be tuning into to understand the future of advertising and those just starting out. As minority women still early in their careers (except for Nicholson, who's been in the game for eight years), the hosts are closest to the situations and struggles that an increasingly diverse young talent pool faces—and aren't afraid to talk about them. Plus, their branding is 💯.

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And if you're looking for more listening material to help you secure an internship or job, check out the We Are Next Podcast episodes featuring recruiters—JocelynDocia, and Rafi—for practical tips straight from those involved in hiring. Happy listening!

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