3 Tips For Staying Sane On The Job Hunt


KP Thomas is a recent graduate of the VCU Brandcenter where she studied Creative Brand Management/ Brand Strategy. Two months ago she took a leap of faith and moved to New York City with no job secured, but full of ambition. After months of navigating a job hunt that's been filled with ups and downs, she's managed to figure out a few things to keep from going crazy. Here's KP—

Navigating the job hunt can closely resemble hell on earth. It's filled with self-doubt, rejection, and a dangerous concoction of emotions. You often hear people say, “everything will be fine,” or "it will all work out". Although that is true, it's hard to hear advice from people who have things figured out. I understand firsthand how hard it is to stay sane when looking for a job in advertising and marketing. So here are three helpful tips, from one fellow person still in the trenches searching to another, that have been vital in my journey.  

Image from    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Control What You Can
It may sound simple, but it's the first thing people forget to do, and it's actually difficult to manage. It's easy to feel as if things are out of control. Sometimes people won’t email you back or the company decides to go in a different direction that's not yours. All of that is out of your hands. Just remember the things you can control will always outweigh the things you can't. You do have control over how you respond, your time, health, attitude, relationships, and more. Take responsibility for yourself. There is no reason for your whole life to be in shambles just because you haven't landed a job. 

Image from    T    he Goldbergs

Image from The Goldbergs

Get Crafty With Your Time
After emails are sent and applications are submitted, there is a lot of time left in the day. It’s almost disturbing how much free time you suddenly have. Instead of watching The Office for the 100th time, take this time to learn something. Check out what free classes are going on in your city. Can’t find any classes? Watch some TedTalks, check out LinkedIn Learning, or this incredible thing called Youtube, which has so many videos where you can find out anything about everything. Actually learn how to use After Effects, so you can stop lying on your resume (it’s okay, everyone has that one iffy skill). Learn something you didn't in school or something you know nothing about. This is the best time to sharpen old skills and gain new ones.

Image from    awesome-things

Image from awesome-things

You Are A Creative, So Get Creative
I believe that if you are in this industry, no matter your role, you are creative. This is a great time to showcase your creativity by working on something you're interested in. Bring to life that passion project you’ve been thinking about for months. The point is, create something. For example, mine has been working on stand-up comedy and creative writing. Your outlet could be crafting, dancing, or yodeling. It doesn’t have to be anything super elaborate—just find your creative outlet and express it.  

Obviously, this is not the dream situation. Trust me, I would rather be writing about how to survive your first few months on a job than how to be successfully unemployed. However, when life gives you lemons, make beef stew. Word to Andy Milonakis. Life has no formula to it, and neither does the job hunt. Instead of feeling depressed or complaining about the situation, view this time as one for self-discovery. Make it what you want, and make this time worth something.

All that being said, y’all got this and keep hope alive,

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