4 More Ways To Use Your Time Off To Start The Year Strong


The holidays are here, and it's time to rest and recharge with the people you love. If you find yourself wanting to prep for the new year, here are four things you can do to start 2019 strong (in addition to last year's list!), along with helpful links to get you going.

1) Catch up on your reading list
Most of us have a list of books we've been wanting to read, if only class, projects, meetings, and deadlines didn't get in the way. The holidays are a great time to dig into your reading list, whether while traveling (hello, delayed flight) or in front of a fire (or on a beach). Looking for some industry-related reading? Check out this reading list from the School of Communication Arts or The Agency Review's book reviews.

Image from    SoulPancake

Image from SoulPancake

2) Find people to reach out to in the new year
Most email activity slows down significantly during the last few weeks of the year, as teams crank to get things done and offices shut down for the holidays. Use this time to identify people to connect with in the new year—whether because they could be a potential mentor, they work at a company you're interested in, or you think you could help them. Don't know their email address? No problem—use this breakdown of how to find (almost) anyone's email.

3) Change your application approach
If you've been on the job hunt for awhile, and have been hearing a lot of no's (or haven't heard anything back, period), it's time to change your application approach. Use your time off to analyze your materials, the types of jobs you've been applying for, the way you're presenting yourself, and your methods for reaching out, and challenge yourself to make changes. To get you started, here are four common reasons you haven't heard back, and how to get a response.

Image by    Kara Yeomans

Image by Kara Yeomans

4) Take care of yourself
Self-care is a key ingredient to a long career, but it's the easiest thing to de-prioritize when things get busy. The holidays are the perfect time to set new habits to prevent burn out and make sure you're bringing your best self to work. Whether that means kick-starting a daily workout, reconnecting with old friends, or researching a new therapist in your area, think about what you need to face whatever 2019 has in store for you. 

You got this + happy holidays!