Building Your Resume Through A Non-Advertising Summer Job


Not everyone has an internship for the summer—but it's not the end of the world. Whether you didn't land one, need to work a paid job, or had to stay in your hometown where opportunities are sparse, there are ways to build your resume. Here are some skills you can actively focus on while working a non-advertising summer job, so you can make whatever you do this summer relevant to your future career in advertising.

Retail : Cashier, Sales Associate, Retail Associate

  • Understanding of in-store consumer behavior and decision making
  • Merchandising and organizational display insights 
  • Persuasive selling, explaining product features and benefits based on the customer's needs
  • Attention to detail and anticipation of customer needs
  • An understanding of that brand's target customer/audience
  • Working as part of a team towards a common goal (ex. a sales goal)

Restaurant: Host, Cashier, Server, Line Chef, Manager

  • Listening and understanding customer needs
  • Remaining calm and motivated during high-pressure situations (that lunch rush tho...)
  • Conflict resolution, both among coworkers and customers (ex. handling hangry people)
  • Multi-tasking, and the ability to be pulled in many different directions and still kick ass at your job

Child Care: Babysitter, Camp Counselor, Teacher

  • How to communicate with those who don't want to listen
  • Leadership and how to command a room
  • Patience—lots of patience
  • Creative ways to spark creativity in others, and other forms of mentorship
  • In-the-field insights on kids, parents, and education

Most Jobs
Lastly, here are some skills that apply to most jobs, just to cover our bases. Remember, it's not enough to just add these skills to your resume—be sure to explain and give examples of how you were able to do this in your specific job.

  • Cross-team collaboration and communication - as long as you work with other people/teams, this is something you'll be exposed to
  • Problem-solving - advertising is all about solving problems, both for our clients and internally to get projects done
  • Being proactive - how are you looking ahead and anticipating what's needed?

Even if you're not interning at an agency this summer, you can still use the time to build skills that will be applicable to your career. For more tips on making your non-advertising experience relevant to your resume, check out how to make your non-advertising experience relevant.

You got this,