Building Your Network Via Agency IG Accounts


Scrolling through Instagram feeds full of shots of the office, new work/awards, twinning photos, and holiday parties is a great way to get a sense of an agency. But there's something extra special about agency IG accounts that allow individual employees to share his/her own perspective. Not only does it give you a first-hand glimpse at what it's like to work there, but it's also an easy way to find inspiring people to follow—and potentially connect with in the future.

While plenty of agencies post photos of their employees, only a handful actually give them a voice or include their personal IG handles. Here are 5 agency IG accounts that we found that feature employees regularly.

Image from  @leoburnett

Image from @leoburnett

1) @leoburnett 
Leo Burnett's #lbdayinthelife series follows a featured team member as they move through their day—usually starting from their apartment before they've even stepped foot in the agency. The behind-the-scene feel and the glimpses of in-between moments at the office are refreshingly real, and followers can post questions in the comments that are then answered in the last post of the day.

Image from  @grey

Image from @grey

2) @grey 
Each week Grey's Instagram is taken over by someone from its NY office, who shares things that inspire them. The account is really good about featuring a wide range of roles and levels, and including personal account handles so you can continue to follow individual people. Plus, all photos are in greyscale. #brandingonpoint

Image from  @  droga5

Image from @droga5

3) @droga5 
Droga5's bi-weekly #HumansofD5 series introduces followers to Drogans through one photo and a mini interview posted in the caption. My favorite question is #2—what's the best piece of advice someone has given you in the industry?—which yields plenty of inspiring nuggets for followers to discover. 

Image from  @motherlondon

Image from @motherlondon

4) @motherlondon
Ok, technically Mother doesn't feature its employees, but it does let its "favorite creative people" (or as they say in London, "favourite creative people") take over its Instagram account every week. The result is a treasure trove of inspiration that doesn't always directly relate to advertising (which is a great thing).

Image from  @72andsunny_

Image from @72andsunny_

5) @72andSunny_ 
Back in August, 72andSunny started posting an unnamed series that highlights people from its five locations around the world. Followers can swipe through to see the team member's baby photo, more recent Boomerang, and images of his/her side hustle. 

What other agencies would you include on this list?

Social is a great way to get and stay on someone's radar without being all up in their face about it. And chances are, if they've agreed to be featured on an agency's IG account and included their handle, they're open to connecting with you. So don't be shy, (but stay professional about it) and start building your network of inspiration, potential mentors, and future coworkers.