How To Find (Almost) Anyone's Email


One of the best pieces of advice Rafi Kugler (Director of Recruiting at barrettSF) dropped on Episode 6 of the podcast was that connecting with a human being is a much more effective way to land a job vs. submitting your resume through the general Careers email or site. But when you're just starting out, you're probably short on contacts at the agencies you're interested in. 

To help you connect with the right people, here are 5 methods to find (almost) anyone's email address. These tips should be used responsibly, but without shame. People make their professional info public to expose themselves to great people and opportunities. It's all waiting for you, if you know where to look.

Method 1: Connect on LinkedIn
Most of us include our email address in our LinkedIn profiles, so once someone accepts your invitation to connect, chances are you're good to go. Just expand the "Contact and Personal Info" section on the top right-hand corner of their profile and email away. LinkedIn is also the best place to see whether you have any mutual connections who can make an email intro.

Method 2: Check their portfolio site
If the person doesn't list their email on LinkedIn but includes a link to his/her portfolio, check it out. See if there's a Contact section or downloadable resume—usually their email will be listed there.

Method 3: Look for an address on their agency's website
To keep the lights on, agencies are usually looking for a) new clients, and b) press coverage of their work. Because of this, some will list a specific person's email address for new business inquiries and PR, typically in the Contact section of the site. Once you've found it, you'll have the email configuration for the agency—for example,—and can apply the formula to whomever you're trying to reach.

Image from  D  irty Wine Girl

Image from Dirty Wine Girl

Method 4: Google Search the email extension
Remember the new business/PR address you were looking for? If it's a generic one (like, then take the email extension (the @ and everything after it) and search for it in Google. You're looking for any employee's email that might be out there. Because again, once you find one, you have almost everyone else's via the email configuration. 

Method 5: Guess and test
If you tried Methods 1-4 with no luck, make an educated guess. You can try a few of the most common configurations:

  • (usually only works for smaller agencies or founders)

Take your guess and test it on sites like It won't send an email, but will check whether it's a functioning address on the backend. You can also try sites like Hunter, which gives you 100 free email searches before it charges you.

If you're feeling quasi-stalkerish, shake it off. As long as you're respectful and don't fill their inbox with spam, people appreciate the hustle. The worst thing they can do is not respond, which is the same outcome if you don't email them at all—so what have you got to lose?

Happy hunting,