Resources To Help You Write Better Emails


Sure, you've written a lot of emails in the past, but when you start working in the industry, emails become a key form of daily communication that keep things running smoothly (alongside other tools like Slack, Voxer, and good ol' face-to-face meetings). Here are a few resources to help you become a better communicator via email and instantly be better at your job, no matter your role.

Image by    D    ani Donovan

Image by Dani Donovan

I was so excited when I saw this tweet by designer and illustrator Dani Donovango viral last week, because it perfectly captures so many of the best email tips. All of her advice will help you be more direct and less apologetic in your emails, and cut down on some unnecessary back and forth. Print it out and keep it on your desk for an easy, everyday reference, until these habits become second nature. 

Looking for a comprehensive how-to guide on writing better emails that isn't a drag to read? Author Justin Kerr's got you covered. Based on his experience as the youngest senior executive at some of the world's biggest apparel companies, Kerr describes this book as, "part survival guide, part corporate myth-buster," that will show you, "the basic behaviors that will set you apart from your peers and help you get credit for all the work you do." Don't want to spring for the book version? Listen to an abbreviated version via his Mr. CORPO Podcast.

Image by    Hubspot

Image by Hubspot

Hubspot published a great piece specifically for non-native English speakers that ends up hitting a lot of solid points for native speakers too. It focuses on more formal emails to those you may not see on a daily basis (vs. your coworker down the hall), making it a great primer for writing emails to clients. 

Image by    G    rammerly

Image by Grammerly

What I love about this Grammerly blog post is that most of its tips are backed up by data gathered from Grammerly users. From email clichés to avoid, to commonly (and unnecessarily) repeated words, to overuse of exclamation points, this page is chock full of advice to make your emails stronger.

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