EPISODE #68 || Live From The 3% Conference, Part I

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Heide Gardner, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Interpublic Group, and Nick Childs, Chief Creative Officer, most recently at IPG Mediabrands, sat down with us at the 3% Conference to discuss how the most pressing issues the industry faces are applicable to the beginning of your career. Hear about how to get a sense of an agency’s D&I practices, advocating for yourself, how to be an ally to all underrepresented voices, and more.

Stay tuned for Part II, releasing Friday!

Topics Discussed

  • Heide Gardner

    • The big name agencies that belong to IPG

    • What indicators to look for to get a sense of an agency’s Diversity & Inclusion practices, some of the resources available to those within the IPG network, and what she and her team work on at the holding company level

    • How to advocate for yourself, and push for Diversity & Inclusion at your own agency

  • Nick Childs

    • Ways to stoke your curiosity outside of your career

    • His experience with the 3% Conference, and understanding his role in the movement

    • How to be an ally early in your career, and the emotional journey of recognizing your own privilege

Mic Drops

“I think the first thing they need to do is advocate for themselves. In this industry, there aren’t always obvious, formal processes. […] You have to be extremely proactive, and the more you do on your own to get information about your client, about how things work in the agency—because there’s a lot that’s not spoken, you can’t rely on a rulebook.” - Heide Gardner

“Reach out to new people. When you know something, share it with other people who are new. There’s a lot around otherness and belonging that is really important and more difficult now because of everything that is happening in the world. And people are acutely feeling like others.” - Heide Gardner

“Understand the rooms you’re in better. Just start to go into rooms and become more aware of who you are, who else is in the room. Is there diversity? Do people have voices? Do they feel like they can speak up? And then begin to create a space and an actionable path for people to contribute more.” - Nick Childs

Keep in Touch

About the 3% Movement

Only 3% of creative directors are women. And even less are people of color. So we’ve made it our mission to bring that number up to 50%.

The truth is, the more varied the people who come up with the ideas, the better the ideas will be. And since women and people of color make up a large majority of consumer spending and social sharing, it only makes sense that they would also be a larger part of the creative process.

The drumbeat we march to is: Diversity = Creativity = Profitability. Because at the end of the day, our goal as advertisers is to find the best people, so we can make the best work, and ultimately, the best profit. But you can’t accomplish all of that with only one demographic, race, or gender.