EPISODE #69 || Live From The 3% Conference, Part II


Speakers Jen Ostrich, President and Founder of Ostrich Coaching & Consulting, and Gary J. Nix, Founder and Chief Strategist at the BRANDarchist, Adjunct Professor, and Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, join us at the 3% Conference to drop gems from their talks. Hear about understanding your strengths, how to ask your manager for the right kind of feedback, understanding an agency’s reputation and the options available to you in the industry, and how to maintain hope and drive in your career.

Topics Discussed

  • Jen Ostrich

    • Her fourteen years of experience in account management.

    • The Shift Positive approach to giving feedback, understanding your strengths, and what to ask your manager for when receiving feedback.

  • Gary J. Nix

    • The ways he works with his clients as a consultant, and things to think about if you’re considering being a consultant in the future.

    • The reputation of agencies, and understanding the options available to you in the industry with the knowledge of how the industry should be.

    • How to maintain hope and drive during your career.

Mic Drops

“Feel empowered to get the information you need to succeed. And that is your manager’s job. And they may not have that training, but you can help them by asking for more examples, and more context, and more information.” - Jen Ostrich

“Enlist that manager or that person who is giving you that feedback to be available to you, to be an ally. Once they name what that new behavior should be, as you start doing it, you’re going to need that reinforcement. Because we’ve all had habits we’ve tried to break, and we’ll fall back to them—that’s the power of a habit.” - Jen Ostrich

“Now what happens next year? That’s all I want to know at this point. I’m going to do everything I can to return next year, because I want to see if any progress was made. And naturally, as a native New Yorker, I may be somewhat cynical. But that’s okay. Because when I’m cynical about something like this, that’s the time when I absolutely want to be proven wrong.” - Gary J. Nix

“You’re gonna have those days when you just feel hopeless, because that’s just natural. That helps also, just having that understanding so you can see or do your best to see the bigger picture. Having the drive and having the belief in what you can do. […] If you see people who are really willing to listen to you, or are going to continue to tell you that what you think has value […] find those people who remind you of that.” - Gary J. Nix

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About the 3% Movement

Only 3% of creative directors are women. And even less are people of color. So we’ve made it our mission to bring that number up to 50%.

The truth is, the more varied the people who come up with the ideas, the better the ideas will be. And since women and people of color make up a large majority of consumer spending and social sharing, it only makes sense that they would also be a larger part of the creative process.

The drumbeat we march to is: Diversity = Creativity = Profitability. Because at the end of the day, our goal as advertisers is to find the best people, so we can make the best work, and ultimately, the best profit. But you can’t accomplish all of that with only one demographic, race, or gender.