EPISODE #82 || Alice Franklin, Strategy Intern at BBH London


Alice Franklin, Strategy Intern at BBH London, shares her story of starting her career as neurodiverse talent. Hear about how her Tourette's and Asperger’s caused years of struggle in her job search before she interviewed (after applying a second time!) at BBH, the challenges that arise in the office, how being autistic makes her a killer strategist, and how the agency world can make interviews and office spaces more inclusive to those who process information differently. 

Topics Discussed

  • How she discovered advertising as the right career for her, and why nothing’s ever boring as a strategist.

  • Living with Tourette’s and autism, feeling unemployable after being diagnosed the summer after graduation, and how her condition affected her job application process.

  • Deciding to handle her interview at BBH different after two years of applying, and what kept her going during her long job search.

  • The challenges that arise working at an agency, and the strengths that she brings to the office. 

  • How agencies can make their hiring processes and offices more inclusive to those on the spectrum.

Mic Drops

“The best way I’d describe autism is as if you’re in life and life is a play, and everyone else has got the script, but you don’t. So you don’t know what to say, or when to say it, or how to say it. It’s a whole process of figuring things out.”

“I think I can work quite quickly and with a lot of creativity as well, because I think outside of the box all the time. Because people with autism, they don’t know what this box is at all.”

“I knew in my heart that I could have done those jobs I was rejected for. I just couldn’t do the application process. And so it was this stupid self-belief that kept me going.”

“What I would say to people who have neurodiverse conditions is that your employers are never going to know about your needs if you don’t tell them. More and more people need to come out as being autistic or having Tourette’s […] There’s no point suffering in silence.”

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About Alice

Alice Franklin is a strategy intern at BBH London who also happens to have Tourette's and Asperger's syndrome. Diagnosed with these conditions upon graduating with a degree in French and Spanish from UCL, she has been trying to weasel her way into the advertising world ever since. On top of this, she is a short story writer, blogger, keen linguist, and hammock fan. Her LinkedIn can be found here and her blog here