EPISODE #74 || Bekah Nutt, UX Lead at Zambezi


We're starting off 2019 with Bekah Nutt, UX Lead at Zambezi! Hear about how her experience in musical theater (she performed in over 900 performances of Mamma Mia!) has been useful to her agency career, advice for those wanting to switch teams within their agency, a breakdown of what UX entails and the opportunities within the industry, how creatives and strategists can use UX in their own work flows, and why it's important for you to understand an agency's parental leave policy (even if you're not a parent).

Topics Discussed

  • How her past experience in musical theater and casting built skills and traits that have been valuable in an agency setting.

  • Advice on switching from one team to another at the same agency. 

  • What (at a high level) UX entails, and the opportunities to work at UX across the industry.

  • How creatives and strategists can use UX in their own work flows, and how to best collaborate with UX designers.

  • Why it’s important for talent to understand an agency’s parental leave policy.

  • How becoming a mother has changed the way she approaches her work.

  • What to do when you don’t know what to do next.

Mic Drops

“I think everybody just wants to feel supported in their task of coming up with the best, most creative work. So make yourself available.”

“I think parental leave policy can be really key to understanding how an agency feels about their talent and their employees, and is revealing about their philosophy of how they want to build that talent pool.”

“You’re not always the user, and it’s important to notice when you’re not the target audience and this isn’t a product for you. You need to step back and have that empathy for the person who would actually be using this. Because you’ll make different decisions in the process.”

“When all else fails, or when in doubt, or you don’t know what to do next—simplify.”

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About Bekah

Bekah Nutt is the UX Lead at Zambezi, a female-owned, fully independent creative agency headquartered in Culver City, California. She has been a part of several award-winning projects, most recently The Rotten Apples, which notably received a Webby Award in the Websites: Weird category. She attended Parsons School of Design and is mom to two little girls. In a previous life, she performed in over 900 performances of Mamma Mia!