EPISODE #32 || Bennett Bennett, Staff Writer at The Drum


Bennett digs deep, pulling from his experience coming up as a creative of color in NYC, working as a copywriter, and his bird's eye view from covering the industry as a Staff Writer at The Drum. Hear about how volunteering got him into some of the biggest conferences and events, making sure your employer is as invested in you as you are in them, and the lack of middle management of color—and what it means for jr. talent.

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Topics Discussed

  • Proactively reaching out to Doug Zanger and becoming a student blogger at Advertising Week, and other examples how volunteering got him in the door of some of the biggest conferences and events.
  • Missing his first MAIP deadline, taking advantage of MAIP Alumni events, and then applying right after Superstorm Sandy. 
  • Making sure your employer is as invested in you as you are in them.
  • The biggest challenge for agencies: the lack of middle management of color and what that means for jr. talent.
  • Reverse mentorship and learning from those below you. 
  • The value of patience and perspective, and what the ad industry’s high schools remind us about the next generation of talent.
  • Just going with opportunities presented to you (whether you feel like you’re ready or not), knowing it’ll all work out, no matter the outcomes. 

Mic Drops

“More now than ever, talent coming in needs to know that their agency is invested in them. Knowing what the agencies are doing internally for their culture, knowing that agencies have plans for advancement for their jr. talent. Making sure that there is a plan in mind when you start out.”

“You’ve had this generation of really dope talent coming in, and for one reason or another, the industry hasn’t given to them what they’ve given to the industry—they’ve left. They’ve gone freelance, they’ve gone to the tech or publishing space. […] So now you have this young talent coming in, and they not only have to be great at their jobs, but sometimes go into their jobs knowing there’s nobody in middle management that is able to help nurture them in a way that a more white senior level person would be able to. That’s probably the biggest challenge today for agencies.”

“As much as the white men in power, as much as they are the solution to the problem, the talented creatives, the resilient ones who tell themselves that they’re not going to give up, they’re going to push past whatever it takes to get in, and continually push themselves to be great—they are also the solution to this.”

“Everybody has something to bring to the table. It’s just a matter of giving them the opportunity to shine that’s super important, and super crucial to where this industry and every agency that’s a part of it goes next.”

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About Bennett

As staff writer for The Drum, Bennett covers the minds, shops and ideas that are changing the worlds of marketing and advertising. An NYC native, MAIP alum and City College of New York grad, Bennett previously was an award-winning copywriter at BBDO New York and lends his unique perspective and voice to The Drum's editorial staff. Previously a member of the ADCOLOR Advisory Board, he currently sits on the AAF's Mosaic Next-Generation Leadership Council and the 4As Steering Committee.