EPISODE #90 || VCU Brandcenter Alumni, made possible by 22squared

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In this special episode recorded at the VCU Brandcenter Recruiter Session, we sat down with three Brandcenter alumni—Lizzy Hopkinson (2017), Copywriter, Nitin Dua (2016), Senior Strategist at Fallon, and Brandon Viney (2012), Creative Lead at Google Brand Studio—to talk about the start of their careers, early lessons they learned, and their best advice for graduating seniors.

Huge thank you to our friends at 22squared, who helped make this trip and episode possible!

Topics Discussed

  • Lessons in imposter syndrome, the benefits of starting out at a smaller agency, and packaging up your side projects without worrying about them being formal and perfect.

  • Switching from finance to advertising, and getting onto pitches early on, getting out of your comfort zone, and finding yourself in your work. 

  • Failing forward into advertising, realizing that you have value once you’re in the industry, what fueled the decision to move over to Google, and why young creatives shouldn’t stress.

Mic Drops

“Forget what you think of yourself. Remind yourself that the person who chose you, you respect.”

- Lizzy, on dealing with imposter syndrome

“Try to find your way to new business, because that will be the most challenging thing you’re a part of, but it’ll help you grow much more quickly, and advance much more quickly.”

- Nitin, on an early lesson he learned

“You realize that all these people that I looked up to as these creative geniuses, you realize they’re just like you. And in many ways, you have more to offer than they do. Because advertising is like an old man’s sport, but the young is what fuels it.”

- Brandon, on getting over fear quickly once you’re in the industry

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