EPISODE #54 || Brandon Solis, Integrated Strategy Director at R/GA


Brandon Solis, Integrated Strategy Director at R/GA, joins us to share learnings from his untraditional entry into advertising and rapid advancement in his career. Hear about hacking the education system and how his past experience in car insurance is valuable, applying self-reflection in order to learn quickly, the state of strategy roles, and dealing with imposter syndrome. 

Topics Discussed

  • Hacking the education system and not going to college, taking a chance on untraditional resumes, and how his past experience in car insurance is valuable to what he does today.
  • Choosing your path by making sure it aligns with what you love to do, and making sure your resume reflects that.
  • Rising up in the industry, and applying a little self-reflection after every meeting in order to learn quickly.
  • The state of digital strategy, T-shaped strategists, and his role as Director of Connections at R/GA.
  • Working in Paris for a year, realizing that there’s more than one way to do things, and what brought him back to NYC.
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome as an Asian American, and recognizing the value in sharing your own experience.

Mic Drops

"There's a lot of young talent that says, 'I think I'm this, but I'm also that.' And I say, 'I'm sure you are, but what do you want to wake up and do everyday? Let's work on that story.' If I was never given that feedback about my portfolio or about my approach, I might still be out there with 20 [different] portfolios."

“Nothing’s ever good enough. So when people acknowledge me, or give me a compliment, or I get a raise, I’m like, ‘Am I really worth it? Am I that good?’ And it’s kind of disgusting but it does actually make me work harder. I’m not great at taking compliments, because I think, oh, you should always get an A.”

“You’ll grow into the shoes you’re given. […] You’re going to get this role, and it’s going to sound scary, but you’re going to grow into it. And now that’s what I’ve been doing since then. I’m going to take this role, I’m going to take this opportunity or this assignment, and I’m going to grow into it. I’m going to figure it out. I have belief in myself—or someone else has enough belief in me to think I can do it.”

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About Brandon

Brandon is an Integrated Strategy Director at R/GA. He brings together strategy, media, and creativity to transform how businesses operate and communicate. He arrives from Paris, France where he spent the last 15 months as the Global Digital Strategy Director for L'Oreal Paris at McCann. Before that, he spent time at McCann New York, Barton F. Graf, and BBH New York. He is a full-stack strategist, working on brand, comms, media, social, digital, and data. Brandon loves most things digital, but believes nothing really matters without the human "why".