EPISODE #34 || Carolina Treviño, Digital Producer at the Ad Council


Carolina went from studying art direction to working in digital production at the Ad Council, helping to bring campaigns like Love Has No Labels and Seize The Awkward to life. Hear about the hard and soft skills needed to work in digital production, tips on managing multiple projects at once, and her super inspirational realization that we shouldn't constrain ourselves or our dreams while in college.

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Topics Discussed

  • The reality of having to find another internship after you graduate.
  • What a Digital Producer does, and the type of projects she works on at the Ad Council (including Love Has No Labels and Seize The Awkward).
  • The hard skills (which you can learn) and the soft skills needed to work in digital production.
  • Tips on managing multiple projects at once, including the importance of asking a lot of questions and over-communicating with your team.
  • Not constraining yourself and what you want to do while in college, and realizing that you can change your mind at any time (and that your dream job might not even exist yet!).
  • Interns not being paid enough to live in major advertising cities like New York.
  • The fact that whatever you’re doing now—even if it’s not your ideal situation—is leading you to where you need to be (and where the world needs you most). 

Mic Drops

“Ask a lot of questions. I think there’s a lot of shame sometimes, especially when you’re initially starting out in, ‘I must be perfect, I must know the answer, and if I don’t know the answer, I need to come up with an answer, quick.’ That got me into some trouble, where I was basically talking out of my ass in a meeting, and I realized, what you need to say right now instead is, ‘I don’t know, but I can get that answer for you.’”

“I’ve changed so much in my perspective of my life, and where ultimately I will go. It’s completely opened up so many possibilities [...] where I feel like in college I was so constrained in my dreams. And now I feel like my dreams are opening up more and more everyday, the more I learn.”

“Your life has endless possibilities. There are so many things that you’re learning now that you don’t even realize you’re going to need 10-15 years from now that are going to make you into the person you always dreamt you wanted to be. Life has a way of getting people to the places, and the jobs, and the things where not just you want to be, but also where this world need you.”

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About Carolina

Carolina Treviño is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin where she majored in creative advertising. She now works as a Digital Producer for the Ad Council where works on projects for non-profit clients like Meals on Wheels, Susan G. Komen, and The Jed Foundation.