EPISODE #41 || Cecilia Gorman, Owner of Creative + Talent + Partners


Cecilia takes us through her journey from print production, to creative manager, to creative recruiter, to talent development specialist. Hear about why operational roles like creative services make for great careers, how to be thoughtfully considered about when to leave an agency, and how jr. talent can check their own unconscious biases. 

Topics Discussed

  • Graduating and not knowing what she wanted to do, landing a job as a receptionist at a printing company, and transitioning the printing knowledge gained into a role as a print producer.
  • Creative management, creative services, and other operational roles you probably haven’t learned about in school—and why they make for great careers.
  • The way she helps creatively-minded companies with talent development through her company, Creative + Talent + Partners.
  • Why agencies shouldn’t overlook investing in junior talent development. 
  • How to be thoughtfully considered about where you start your career and when to make moves.
  • Why professional development is also personal development (even more reason to show up to any learning and development opportunities at your agency!).
  • Unconscious bias—what it is, where it shows up in agencies, why it persists,  and how jr. talent can check their own unconscious bias.  
  • Investing your time in people more junior than you, even as you start your career.

Mic Drops

“Every connection that I made has helped me today. You just have to look at every relationship that you have in business. It’s not just that relationship right there at that agency for that month. It’s like 20 years out—how is this person going to be in my world?”

“Your career is like a pie. Picture a big circle that has these slices in it. Every job you take is going to be a slice. Some of them are going to be really big, some of them are going to be thinner. But everything is adding up to the whole, so every move is going to be good for you, because even if it's a bad move, it’s going to teach you something. You just want to make sure you’re being thoughtful about what you’re putting in that pie tin. And that you’re not just shoving a bunch of crap in.”

“As a junior, I think it would be so important to just say, how open minded am I? Am I proactively giving people the space to share their voice. […] Asking for voices to speak up. And when you do that, it becomes the habit of the agency that we include everyone.”

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About Cecilia

Cecilia Gorman is owner of Creative + Talent + Partners, a training and development company focused on the advertising and creative industries, and co-founder of Empowership, a year-long development program for advertising women. Cecilia has worked at agencies large and small, spending the bulk of her career at Y&R Irvine where she was VP, Creative Services. She led Global Creative Operations at Oakley and was VP, Organizational Leadership at Innocean USA.
Cecilia hosts webinars, workshops and keynote presentations that help develop empowered employees, productive communication and increased leadership acumen. Some of her clients include RPA, IPG, Amobee, Designory, Oakley, and United Sports Brands.