EPISODE #92 || Courtney Jones, New Business Manager at 22squared


Courtney Jones, New Business Manager at 22squared, brings her empowering advice to the podcast. Hear about what it means to work in new business, speaking up as the “only” one in the room, how she incorporates D&I into her new business role and learnings from 22squared’s inspiring D&I journey, why you should consider moving to Atlanta post-graduation, and the kind of support young talent should be looking for in their first jobs.

Topics Discussed

  • How her PR background influenced her career path, her intro to new business, and identifying what you’re really good at.

  • What it means to work in new business development—including pitching, prospecting, and agency brand management—and the biggest challenges in working in new business.

  • How being the “only” in the room has taught her to be a really good listener and observer, how she incorporates D&I into her new business role, and learnings from 22squared’s inspiring D&I journey.

  • What the advertising scene in Atlanta is like, and why you should consider it as a city to move to post-graduation.

  • The level of support young talent should be looking for in their first jobs, and the importance of a “glow up squad”.

Mic Drops

“Being able to find your advocates in tough situations like that and in rooms where you’re the youngest, I think is really important. And that doesn’t have to be intimidating. Find these people that are going to allow you to be yourself, to be comfortable, and to grow. And if you’re able to do that, I think there’s a long career ahead of you.”

“I feel like a lot of times when agencies are introducing D&I initiatives, they try to make it a complete separate agenda or a separate program. And if you really infuse those into things that are already existing—do you have pillars of your culture that everybody has already bought in on?—then when you make D&I a part of that, it’s not introducing a whole separate, and sometimes intimidating layer to the business. It’s saying, this is just how we can make this policy stronger, better, and really applicable to everyone and not just a subset of our employees.”

“If you don’t see a resource at your agency or your organization, that’s an awesome opportunity to create one. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist, almost 99% of the time, somebody else is looking for that same exact resource. For young talent looking for how can I make an influence or an impact when I’m first starting out, I think that’s an awesome way. Don’t wait for someone else to invent the wheel.”

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About Courtney

Courtney’s strategic and creative intuition, agency-first mindset, and passionate nature have positioned her as a rising leader at 22squared. Not only does she help lead the agency's growth initiatives, but Courtney has also found time and ways to infuse diversity and inclusion into multiple aspects of the business. From marketing and PR, to new business pitches and creative work, Courtney lends a critical, yet empathetic, point of view to cultural relevance and impact. She was recently recognized by leading ad and marketing magazine Campaign US, as an Inaugural Female Frontier honoree. She helped spearhead the development of the agency's first Diversity & Inclusion Council, serves on the Atlanta board for SheSays and #TimesUp, and is a mentor and advisor with Advertising For Change and the 4As Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP). Her fearless approach and fresh perspectives have helped her to secure multiple new business wins for the agency, and further accelerated 22squared’s ability to create innovative work.