EPISODE #22 || Docia Nartey-Koram, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at AKQA

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Docia brings warmth, wit, and tons of actionable advice that will help anyone find their next job. Hear about how to differentiate yourself when you're just starting out, smart questions you should ask a recruiter in your next interview, and why approaching industry people at local events is a half-open door. 

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I'll be in Las Vegas for CES in early January, and am setting up podcast interviews and other meetings. Hit me up if you'll be there and want to meet up.

Topics Discussed

  • How she went from studying law, to selling telecom packages, to the world of recruiting.
  • What about AKQA has kept her there for 6 years and counting.
  • How junior talent can use social media as part of their job search. 
  • Her personal process of assessing job applications, including how much a big agency name matters on your resume.
  • The best ways to differentiate yourself as a candidate when you’re just starting out. 
  • Questions you can use in your next interview, and why you should respond with positivity to a rejection email. 
  • Why approaching industry people at events is a half open door.
  • Her best resume tips. 
  • Why we should all be life-long learners in every part of your life.

Mic Drops

“To differentiate yourself, you need to be out there and networking. You need to find people that are going to be active at industry events. [...] Because you never know when you’re going to be next to someone that’s going to help you out in your career.”

“It is about how you present your work. How you can describe and elaborate on your specific involvement in projects, and what you want to be doing. Keep it simple. Have a quiet confidence in yourself—I know that it can be hard when you’re looking. But have a quiet confidence and say, this is what I do, and this is what I want to do because my skills are not there yet.”

“I don’t have many people asking, ‘What are the areas you feel that my skills match what your looking? And what are the areas that you feel don’t match?’ It kind of puts the recruiter on the spot, but it’s better to be more transparent about your potential eligibility for the position. And it opens up the door for you to say, ‘Ah, I haven’t sold myself in the way I want to sell myself, because this person totally not picked up this bunch of skills I picked up doing X, Y, and Z.’”

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About Docia

I’m a Londoner born and raised, who was seduced by the PNW outdoors/Portland Summer. I'm also someone that studied Law & Criminology at college, but is now working in advertising/creative field.

I wouldn’t consider myself a creative/creative person…but after 10 years recruiting for digital products and services, media and the advertising industry…I’m hopeful some level of creativity has rubbed off. Or by some kind of osmosis process I become more creative!

I thrive when I’m interacting with curious, creative and innovative minds. I find that I learn from these interactions, as well as being able connect people to the job/career/company. Perhaps that’s why I’ve stayed in this industry...it still interests me.

At this part of my career I’m keen to give back and grow. Mentoring with the PDX Women in Tech and actually making my network work for me and others is important.