EPISODE #48 || Erin Holcomb, Copywriter at Rodgers Townsend & Angela Bode, Art Director at Rodgers Townsend


Erin and Angela, creative team at Rodgers Townsend, reflect on how they got their starts (very differently!) and careers to date, including last year's Gold Cannes Young Lions win and trip to the festival. Hear about why there are no real missteps when navigating your career, how they get to their best ideas, their experience entering and winning a Gold Cannes Young Lions award, and why we shouldn't be afraid to start over. 

Topics Discussed

  • How Erin went from being hired as a proofreader knowing next to nothing about advertising to being hired full-time as a copywriter. 
  • Why there are no real missteps when navigating your career.
  • How they get to their best ideas.
  • The dynamic of rotating creative partners within an agency. 
  • Details of their experience of entering and winning a Gold Cannes Young Lions award and going to Cannes last year.
  • Their perspective on increasing diversity at Cannes, and why who is judging is just as important as who attends.
  • Being able to meet other young ad professionals and mentors as part of Ad 2 St. Louis, and the benefit of community-oriented, small-business-minded agencies.
  • Not being afraid to start over, and doing the job you want, no matter whether they’re going to hire you or not. 

Mic Drops

“When you have the same types of people in the same types of rooms, looking at the same types of work, this same thing is going to keep happening. And just make these efforts to build up different people from different people, and bringing those different things together keeps it from being the same.”

“Don’t be afraid to start over. […] Professionally, your first idea will probably never be your best one. And I know as creatives we get pretty tied to our work. So just having that moment of, ‘Ok, I thought this was my best idea,’ just throw it out. And then all the ideas that come from that will be the one that’s actually chosen. And then from my personal life, I moved to different cities, and I think it’s very important to just take a moment to hit the refresh button.”

“Just do it, and just keep doing it, and show them that whether they hire you or not, you’re still going to do this copywriting job no matter what. So at a certain point they’re going to have no choice but to either hire you or see you leave.”

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About A+E

Angela Bode and Erin Holcomb are a creative team at Rodgers Townsend DDB, St. Louis. Winning Cyber Gold in 2017 at Cannes Young Lions, they spend most days working AT&T, Spectrum Brands and Schnucks Markets. But their talents have also been put to work for Chicago and S.F. DDB offices. Both educated in the Midwest, they’re shining proof that there are many ways into the creative profession. Erin is a Journalism grad who started as a proofreader at RT. Angela majored in Advertising, but admits to taking no art classes. Her path was self-taught through internships. At RT, they continue to grow, working with various partners at all levels.

About Rodgers Townsend

Here to Dare & Delight, Rodgers Townsend is a fully integrated, internationally recognized St. Louis creative agency. Our core competencies include advertising, 1:1, digital, social content, CRM, brand identity and websites. With a disciplined, hyper-targeted approach, we’ve been helping brands like AT&T, State Farm, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Luxco Spirits, Schnucks Markets, Spectrum Brands and St. Louis University overachieve for more than 20 years. Part of the Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) and a proud member of the DDB global network.