EPISODE #45 || Jennifer Barclay, Associate Creative Director at Moxie


Jennifer brings her love of gaming, geek culture, and cosplay to her role as Associate Creative Director at Moxie (and wins the award for coolest headshot, hands down!). Hear about how she kept up her portfolio and landed a job after four years out of the industry, how to translate your creative hobbies into your skillset at work, working on social media for Arby's, and her tips for those who aren't naturally vocal.

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Topics Discussed

  • Hustling her way through multiple jobs while in college, having to leave advertising while getting her start to care for her mom, and how she kept up her portfolio and landed a job after four years out of the industry.
  • How to translate your creative hobbies into your professional skillset, and why you should be vocal about things you do outside of work.
  • How being a giant nerd has affected her work with her main client (Arby’s), and applying to jobs as your authentic self.
  • Getting to know Moxie and finding a company that lets you explore different things within it/the network.
  • The approach to social media for Arby’s, and how the client helps push the work.
  • How she deals with the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field, as well as male-dominated interests such as gaming and “geek” culture.
  • Her tips for those who aren’t naturally vocal—especially when you disagree with a manager or teammate—and partnering with people who have different strengths than you.

Mic Drops

“The nice thing too is, you never really know what a company is looking for. You might be applying for one job and a listing hasn’t even gone up, and then you’re interviewing and they realize, ‘Oh well gee, you’d be great over here for this.’ So it’s best to put everything out on the table. And again, you light up about what you love. I’m just a big advocate of making your habit and interests known at work.”

“I would always want to apply as who I am and how I’m comfortable. And if the job doesn't want me, then that’s probably not the best job for me.”

“I love partnering myself with people who are the opposite of me. So I find that I work really well with people who are quieter […] because I understand their value and I get, ‘Ok, they like to work where we’ll have a little conversation over here. And when we go into that big room, I know where they’re at, I can help voice their stuff […]’ Sometimes it’s finding a team that works for you, or building a team, or building that work relationship with your coworkers.”

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Jennifer Barclay is best known for her wide range of artistic skills. With a portfolio that’s a mix of digital marketing campaigns, published illustrations, award winning animations, and internationally recognized costume work, she has an obvious inability to stop collecting new hobbies. Jennifer was named one of the top 100 creatives of 2017 by Adweek, yet she is no closer to getting her dad to understand what she actually does for a living. Jennifer enjoys every aspect of being an artist, except for writing bios. Some of her work can be found on idleambition.com.