EPISODE #55 || Jenny Gomez, Director of Product Marketing for the Advanced Media and Advertising Group at TiVo


Jenny Gomez, Director of Product Marketing for the Advanced Media and Advertising Group at TiVo, went from being a theatre professional to working both on the agency and ad tech sides of the industry. Hear about what ad tech actually entails and how data stories illuminate human behavior, how to keep up with the continually shifting needs of agencies, the misconceptions about B2B marketing, and small ways to build confidence.

Topics Discussed

  • How a playwright/stand-up comedian/actor found her way to marketing, and how her experience as a performer has helped her in her current career. 
  • What working in ad tech entails, roles you can pursue within ad tech, and what she does in her role at TiVo working with agencies and brands. 
  • The preconceived notions around B2B marketing, and an example (involving panty hose and motorcyclists) of how data stories illuminate human behavior.
  • How to better understand what agencies really need in a shifting landscape, and why you shouldn’t close yourself off to things that you don’t think are for you. 
  • Tips on building confidence for those just starting out, and her experience surprising people as a Latin woman. 

Mic Drops

“Be flexible and willing to learn. You can’t be an expert in a lot of these uber-complicated fields right away, it takes a lot of time to learn. I think bosses need to be a little easier on their juniors and understand that they can’t expect people to learn these incredibly complex methodologies for executing advertising these days right away. I think we need to be a little bit easier on people coming into the field, and support them with a lot more education.”

“I’m not scared now in the day to day of failure. I let myself take risks. If I screw it up, I screw it up. And I get back up and try again, or try something new, or try things from a different angle. And I think that also gives someone a lot of confidence, when you know that failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure—it just means that you’re learning.”

“As a Latin woman, statistically we’re paid the least of any women of color. And so you’re already going in against all odds. And I think that made me feel powerful in and of itself. Maybe it’s my personality, but I wanted to prove everybody wrong. I wanted to show you that I have value, and I’m smart, and I’m super hard working, and I’m nimble, and I can do the things that you might not expect of me. And I hate to say it, but you surprise people. You have the opportunity to surprise people.”

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About Jenny

Jenny Gomez is a B2B product marketer based in New York City and currently works at TiVo, in the advanced media and advertising business unit. Jenny started her career in the theatrical arts where she performed and wrote plays for twelve years. She still dabbles in theater occasionally, but these days has been working full tilt in the advertising technology sector, where she believes that if the reach of television can be successfully merged with the measurement methodologies of digital, the advertising ecosystem will see optimal success. Jenny loves exploring the globe with her husband, and trying as many strange foods as she possibly can.