EPISODE #79 || Jessica McGlory, Director of Paid Social Media Marketing at Bombas

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Jessica McGlory, Director of Paid Social Media Marketing at Bombas, is an award-winning paid social evangelist and data enthusiast who gives fantastic advice. Hear about what she did that contributed to her rapid rise, how to think about awards and recognition, why your work has impact (no matter where you work), the story of her very public coming out on the ADCOLOR stage, and being an openly gay black woman in the industry.

Topics Discussed

  • How her love of TV and data led her to creating an algorithm that could predict with 98% accuracy which pilots would be picked up for a second season, even before it aired (as an intern project, nbd).

  • What she did that contributed to her rapid rise (she reached a Director level at a young age), including becoming an expert in paid social and having an opinion.

  • How to think about awards and recognition, and why there’s nothing wrong with asking someone to nominate you for an award.

  • Why she loves working at Bombas, the career opportunities in paid social, and the soft skills of someone who does well in paid social.

  • Dealing with the pressure to perform, and why your work has impact, no matter where you work.

  • Being an openly gay black female, her very public coming out story at the ADCOLOR Awards, and putting pressure on cisgender people who use coded language. 

Mic Drops

“It’s hard for the work to speak for itself when you don’t even have a voice in the room yet. So when you win these different awards, it does give you a bit of a platform in which people are going to pay attention.”

“I’ve done LinkedIn analysis reports to see how many different roles include the key terms, ‘paid social Facebook.’ […] And the numbers are just staggering. When I was running the analysis of how many people were available who have paid social listed at least on their LinkedIn background, we’re going to have, for basically every 100 positions opened, only about 30 qualified people to fill them when we go into 2020.”

“I want straight people, I want cisgender people to really challenge their notions as to why it has to be the assumption of everyone’s sexual orientation defaulting to heterosexuality. I want straight people to start to break down the different language that they’re using that is so coded. Don’t ask, hey, do you have a boyfriend? Just say, hey, are you dating someone? But really start to put the pressure on the people who are causing the environment, instead of those who have to live within it.”

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About Jessica

Jessica currently leads paid social efforts as the Director of Paid Social Media Marketing at Bombas, the digitally native apparel company focused on making the most comfortable socks in history and giving back to those in need. In her past role as a consultant, Jessica has guided a range of entertainment and digital agencies in identifying ways to expand their business through fandom data.

Jessica is the 2018 Direct Marketing News Woman to Watch, 2017 AdColor Rising Star Award winner and, according to 4As, is one of 100 People Who Make Advertising Great.  An avid thought leader, Jessica has spoken and contributed to conferences, publications, and podcasts providing insight on marketing, media, and her diverse perspective.