EPISODE #62 || Jewell Donaldson, Writer at Flagrant Creative

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Jewell Donaldson, Writer at Flagrant Creative, helps other creatives project themselves into the world and secure the bag. Hear about how she turned an internship into a full-time role, things to watch out for when you go freelance, building your tribe, and how to get a real sense of an agency's culture—especially when it comes to diversity & inclusion. 

Topics Discussed

  • Finding advertising by accident, and getting her start through the Marcus Graham Project.

  • How she turned her internship at Leo Burnett into a full-time freelance role, and how to be persistent, but not annoying.

  • How she helps other creatives through Flagrant Creative, what influenced her decision to go freelance, and things to watch out for when you go freelance.

  • Where the industry is falling short when it comes to D&I, and the importance of building your tribe early in your career.

  • How to get a real sense of an agency’s culture, creating your own criteria for your job search, and giving smaller/mid-sized agencies a shot.  

Mic Drops

“I made the best connections that I could. And I asked to get onto projects that I was not assigned. […] I was persistent in emailing and annoying people, so when my internship was coming to an end and I wasn’t extended a freelance offer just yet, I was honest, I was earnest. I sent an email and said, ‘Look, I don’t want this to be the end.’”

“You have to establish your tribe early. The people that you will go through this journey with. […] These are industry friends, mentors, confidantes, even rivals…all these people will challenge you, and they’ll be there to support you when you need it.”

“Don’t be so thirsty that you don’t filter the water first.”

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About Jewell

Jewell Donaldson is an adwoman who believes that ideas must glitter and be gold if they are to illuminate human truths. Her worldview is rather kaleidoscopic, formed by her upbringing in “the Chi,” military service, and a life approach that converts "L's" to lessons. She's a houndstooth enthusiast, amateur perfumer and a flagrant creative-- brazenly unapologetic in her pursuit to do dope work that amplifies culture.