EPISODE #83 || Jose-Guillermo Diaz, Co-Founder and Director of Miami Ad School Punta Cana


Jose-Guillermo Diaz, Co-Founder and Director of Miami Ad School Punta Cana, joins us to talk about building an ad program that creates global creative talent in the Central American and Caribbean region. Hear about transitioning from editorial design in publishing to being a creative in advertising, why he began teaching over 19 years ago and how ad students have changed over the years, the goal of Miami Ad School Punta Cana and how the program differs from other campuses, and how to position yourself as international talent. 

Topics Discussed

  • Starting in the world of publishing and editorial design before becoming a Senior Art Director at Ogilvy in Miami, and learning to deal with clients.

  • Why he started teaching over 19 years ago, the “emotional salary” that teachers receive, and how ad students have changed over the years. 

  • The impetus for opening a Miami Ad School campus in Punta Cana, the thought that went into creating the program, and teaching students to become global creatives.

  • How international talent can position themselves as strong candidates when applying for jobs in another country, and learnings from his class, “Brand Called You.”

  • Enjoying the 200 feet in front of you on the road towards your goals. 

Mic Drops

“I keep telling people that I don’t need to see a psychiatrist because I teach. Those three hours where I’m in a classroom, I completely disconnect myself from everybody and everything. And I tell my students that I get more from them than I can give them.”

“Students are really understanding how powerful these industries [are, because they] have this communication with consumers. And what you put on paper, put on TV, or put on online, it does come with responsibility. And they understand that, and they’re willing to take that challenge.”

“For many years, global brands and global networks have treated our region as a region for adaptation. We do global in NY, LA or London, or Singapore, and whatever is there, we bring it to our countries and do adaptations. And I really see that we can create new things. We have the talent to develop the next global campaign for Nike or whomever. We have that talent. I know it’s a matter of opportunities.” 

“Talent is talent, and there are many kids out there with tons of talent. And the difference between one and the other, many times, is the opportunity that that student has.”

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About Jose

Owner and leader of a marketing agency in Miami, and now CoFounder / Director of Miami Ad School Punta Cana have granted him a respectable professional and educational experience.              

His extensive background makes him a connoisseur of creative strategies. This provided him the tools to developed award winning creative for brands such as IBM, KODAK, American Express, Castor, Swisher and Disney LatAm.              

In April of 2017, Jose Guillermo opens the doors of Miami Ad School Punta Cana with the mission of guiding creative aspirants to live advertising with passion and on the path to excellence. 


- Jose-Guillermo Diaz  

Advertising Person of the Year in 2003 and 2014. And awarded in 2009 with the AAF Silver Medal Award for his contributions to the creative community.