EPISODE #12 || Jordan Schenck, Director of Marketing at Impossible Foods


Jordan spent 7 years in Strategy on the agency side at shops like Rokkan and Wieden + Kennedy before becoming Director of Marketing at Impossible Foods (you know the brand from its first product, the Impossible Burger). Hear how her agency experience prepared her for the world of marketing, her insight on how teams can be better partners to their clients, and why you should spend your 20s in NYC.

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Topics Discussed

  • How she made the leap to advertising as an strategy intern after working in finance.
  • Different types of strategy titles and what they mean.
  • How she moved from the agency world to work for one of her clients in-house.
  • How agency teams can be better partners to their clients, based on her experience as a client.
  • Understanding what clients do within their organization after your idea is presented so you can better support them.
  • Why strategists shouldn’t call themselves strategists.
  • The necessity of spending your 20s in New York City.

Mic Drops

“I wouldn’t have been able to be successful in the role I am now had I not been in agency. The great thing about being at an agency is that you get to see and experience so many different types of problems. Problems ranging from—my business has gone this direction and help save it, or we have too many of that type of person buying this product, what more can we do? Or even just understanding broader client needs, issues, departments, all of that. The coolest thing about having been from an agency was that I had the ability to have seen a lot of that.” 

“On the client side, the breadth of problems and things that you encounter and the chain effect is so much wider. And that’s why we have agencies. We simplify the ask for them. I think that’s what's beautiful and important about it, but at the same time, the brief is god, the creative idea is god, and that’s pretty much the thing you have to push out. But on the marketing side, if budgets are shifting, if supply is shifting, if Sales isn’t aligned, if the creative idea isn’t doing it, there’s this massive ripple effect that then you have to put your arms around.” 

“The first thing is stop calling yourself a strategist. I think that puts expectations around what and who you’re supposed to be […] the second you start thinking about yourself in a box, you’re going to be in a box. Where I’ve been able to most successful in my career is understanding creatives, understanding production, understanding account. You’re as much responsible for each of those pieces of the puzzle as you are for your own work.” 

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