EPISODE #73 || Julie Lubbers, Brand Strategist at Droga5

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Julie Lubbers, Brand Strategist at Droga5, brings her unique perspective as young, female, and foreign talent to the podcast. Hear about tips for reaching out for informational interviews (the way Julie did to land at Droga5!), how her identity has influenced the way she presents herself, learning to sit at the table, her honest take on the visa process, and her approach to being a leader at any level.

Topics Discussed

  • How growing up between two different cultures affected her path as a strategist, the importance of trying a lot of things, and how her many, many informational coffee interviews led to her getting hired at Droga5.

  • Her four tips for reaching out to people for informational interviews, and changing your approach to networking.

  • How her identity as a woman and a foreigner has influenced the way she presents herself in her career, and learning to sit at the table. 

  • Formulating your POV and finding your style for sharing it.

  • Her honest take on the visa process, the importance of educating yourself on the topic, and when to bring up the fact that you need a visa. 

  • Why she started the National Millennial Community, and how it works to change the conversation around Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Her approach to being a leader, no matter what your level. 

Mic Drops

“Know what you want. I think one of the hardest things to do is to know what you want, but it’s important that when someone asks you, ‘So, what type of job are you interested in, or what type of agency?’ to not say, ‘I don’t know,’ because it makes it really hard for them to help you in return.”

“A lot of what people think of you and believe of you, comes from what you think of yourself, believe of yourself. And I saw that once I changed my mindset and thought of my disadvantages also as opportunities.”

“I realized very much towards the end—because I think my visa journey was a very long one, and a complex one, like many people’s—I became a lot stronger through it. And I’ve come to realize what I wanted so badly, and that I was worth what I was fighting for. So you learn a lot about yourself and what you want through this process.”

Keep in Touch

About Julie

Being from the Netherlands, raised in Spain, having lived in China, currently working in the US and having travelled all around the globe, I am fortunate to have all my life been in contact with people of very different cultures, languages, ideas, values, attitudes and experiences. 

This has made me fascinated by human nature and people’s stories, and hungry to better understand the outlooks on life of those who are different to me. It has made me to want to constantly question everything and to challenge the facts given, and often allowed me to generate new and original ideas and solutions in order to raise the standard around me.

When I was a young girl, I often found the fact that I see things differently than others to be problematic, as I never seemed to fit exactly in just one box. However, throughout my life and work experiences, I have come to realize that my understanding of human behavior across cultures and ability to look at things from different and multiple perspectives not only makes me different, it gives me the chance to understand and fit in many boxes – and that is far more exciting.