EPISODE #75 || Kevin Green, Creative Director at RAPP

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Kevin Green, Creative Director at RAPP, shares his inspirational career path, practical advice for asking for what you need, and how he gives back via the Marcus Graham Project. Hear about how he turned his internship into a full-time job, becoming a Creative Director at 30 and how to accelerate your own growth, co-running the day-to-day operations at the Marcus Graham Project, and his advice for those who feel beat down by the industry. 

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Topics Discussed

  • How he found copywriting, and how going to a happy hour led him to an internship with the Marcus Graham Project, which led to an internship at RAPP .

  • Things you can do as an intern to convince an agency to hire you full-time, including using your free time to ingrain yourself in the culture, and staying ready to prove yourself.

  • Being a Creative Director at 30, and the things that accelerated his growth, including not relying solely on your direct boss to advocate for you, and remaining calm in high stress situations.

  • His goals for taking the Marcus Graham Project to the next level as one of the co-leads of the Alumni Board of Managers. Apply to the 2019 iCR8 Summer Bootcamp!

  • Advice for those who feel beat down by the industry.

  • Asking for what you need, and not leaving possibilities on the table.

Mic Drops

“I think the internet has allowed us to just submit resumes and portfolios, and hit send and sit back, and wait to be contacted. But my perspective back then was, I gotta get out and meet people, because I know once they meet me, they see my hunger and how passionate I am about what I do.”

“A benefit of being an intern sometimes is you don’t have that much to do, or you get these smaller assignments. Use that downtime to ingrain yourself in the culture. Help out with events around the office, things that are outside what you want to do.”

“I think we’re so fast paced, and sometimes people don’t mean to offend, or they don’t mean to be harsh in terms of criticism. The more you can project stability and calm, even though you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, […] the more you can carry yourself like a seasoned veteran who brings that level of calm, but also that level of humility, you start to position yourself as different.”

“You’d be very surprised at how much you’ve learned, even by struggling. Your struggle can be someone else’s turning point.”

Keep in Touch

About Kevin

Kevin, one of Ad 2 Dallas’ 32 Under 32, has authored compelling brand stories for nearly a decade. His experience spans CRM, Digital, Mobile and Video for brands like PNC Bank, McDonald’s, Toyota and Match.com.

He currently leads a team of 10+ copywriters and art directors to create deeply personal customer experiences on a massive scale.

He also works daily to make the advertising and marketing industry more diverse by serving as the Co-Chair of the Alumni Board of Managers for the Marcus Graham Project and as a Copywriter for the ADCOLOR Content Team.

Kevin is equal parts creative spark and calming presence, helping his mentees, clients and colleagues reach their highest potential.

Kevin currently lives in Dallas, TX with his wife Jasmin and daughters Audrey and Autumn.