EPISODE #19 || Lalita Salgaokar, Senior Copywriter, Journalist at Campaign US, and Teacher at Miami Ad School


Lalita's trifecta of titles means she's chock full of useful advice to share from her unique perspective. Hear about how to vent your frustrations while avoiding the negativity swirl, the importance of a Fuck Off Fund, and what it's like being a contributing writer to some of the industry's biggest trades (and how you can be one too!). 

Heads up: This episode was recorded during our NYC trip, as evident from the bits of subway rumbling and background traffic noises. :)

Topics Discussed

  • How her family’s heavy involvement with advertising in India led her to pursuing copywriting at Miami Ad School.
  • The best things she got out of ad school and things you can do on your own without ad school. 
  • What she learned from dealing with a difficult creative director.
  • How to vent your frustrations while avoiding the negativity swirl.
  • Leaving an agency the right way.
  • The importance of a "fuck-off" fund. 
  • Why respect for clients and the brands we work on is vital to creativity.  
  • What it’s like being a contributing writer to Campaign US and Adweek, and how you can be one too.

Mic Drops

“It’s so much better when it’s real work. Because in ad school your work might be more creative, or on your own, spec work might be way more creative than what you produce in those 2 months in an agency [during an internship]. But this is real work. There’s real dollars behind it. There’s a real client behind it. So it’s a completely different situation.”

“What I would recommend is not talking within the agency. And that’s why having a community out of your agency is so important. Someone who you can call and talk to about the business, and they understand exactly what you’re saying, but have nothing to do with that person. You can just talk about it and get it off your chest and move on. Because if you start talking internally about [frustrating things], it becomes like an echo chamber.”

“I highly recommend a fuck-off fund. It’s so much more important than those shoes you’re buying. It gets you out of situations you don’t want to be in on a personal or a professional level. […] Start saving early—I know it’s so hard to do with all our college and graduate school loans and life in general—but open a jar, call it your fuck-off fund. You need that because you need to fall back on yourself. […] This is your decision, so you’re going to deal with it on every level. And financial is one of the most important ones.”

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About Lalita

Lalita is an advertising writer and journalist based in New York City. She grew up in Mumbai and moved across continents 8 years ago, fueled with curiosity. That same curiosity has her questioning colleagues, seniors and her 5 year old cat. When she’s not asking questions or crafting advertising copy, she’s found at music concerts, buried in libraries or cooking up culinary storms with her husband in their Brooklyn apartment.