EPISODE #37 || Lauren Walker, Media Supervisor at Crispin Porter + Bogusky


Lauren Walker, Media Supervisor at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, brings tons of useful advice and tells us what's what in the world of media, drawing from her experience working in creative agencies, media agencies, and ad tech. Hear examples of how media can drive creative, why working in ad tech is a great way to get to an agency role, plus key media-related terms you should know—including one that will make you stand out if used in an interview!

Topics Discussed

  • How being a stunt rider in Arctic Cat commercials in high school first exposed her to advertising.
  • Building your resume and getting access to opportunities by volunteering to help your professors in your free time.
  • Why you shouldn’t look down on a sales role on the ad tech side, and how working in ad tech can lead you to an agency role.
  • Breaking down different roles within media, how media can drive creative, and how to be the best partner to the creative team (including a real example from an account she works on).
  • Key media-related terms/buzzwords you should know—including an up and coming one that will make you stand out if used in an interview!
  • Resources she uses to keep up with what’s going on in the industry, and why in-person learning opportunities are awesome. 

Mic Drops

“What I think people forget sometimes is that when you ask someone for a connection, they’re not only representing you, but they’re representing themselves. Anytime I pass on a resume to recruiting here, it’s also representative of me. So I’m not just going to pass on anyone if I don’t really know them, or don’t know their work experience or enthusiasm. You have to build a little bit of a relationship first, and you’ll never know how far it’ll go."

“There are so many cool tech companies out there that are sales-related that can get you into the door. And also, it’s connections. A lot of the sales people I work with here have the most connections of anywhere, because they’re working with all the different agencies. […] Don’t be so agency-blinders on. There are a lot of ways out there to get your foot into advertising that will give you great experience and set you apart from agency-only people.”

“When you’re in the industry, you have to be your own biggest advocate when it comes to promotions and raises. You can never rely on your boss or your boss’ boss. People will let you down all the time, and I think as long as you can stand on your own two feet and be like, ‘This is why I want this job, or this is why I deserve this’—it will go far, instead of relying on other people all the time.”

Resources Mentioned

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About Lauren

Lauren has an incredibly diverse background in advertising, and specializes in media planning and buying via all media channels. She isn’t afraid to move for a job, and has followed her career around the U.S. residing in Chicago, Minneapolis, and now the beautiful city of Denver. Currently working hard and playing hard as a Media Supervisor at CP+B in Boulder, CO. Plus she is a part time teacher at General Assembly, helping people wrap their head around digital marketing. She prides herself on being a chameleon within the industry and knowing how to shape all experiences into a positive direction for developing the career she wants, not just where a job takes her.
Account highlights she has worked on consist of: Domino’s, American Heart Association, Hotels.com, Target, Yoga Journal and Backpacker Magazines.