EPISODE #56 || Makeda Loney, Junior Copywriter at Burrell Communications


Makeda Loney, Junior Copywriter at Burrell Communications, brings her fresh perspective for young talent to the podcast. Hear about her advice for getting started in advertising when you have no prior experience, how her identity as a poet influences her copywriting, her approach to taking care of her mental health, and her perspective on diversity as a young black woman in the industry.

Topics Discussed

  • Finding copywriting through AAF, how she decided to go to Creative Circus, and being a Diversity & Inclusion Intern at IPG.
  • The things that helped her land her first job, and why you should keep an open mind at the beginning of your career.
  • Advice for getting started in advertising when you have no prior experience in it, and resources she uses to keep up with what’s going on in the industry.
  • How her identity as a poet influences her copywriting and vise versa.  
  • A typical day as a junior copywriter at Burrell Communications, and her techniques for time management.
  • Her approach to maintaining her mental health, both outside work and inside the office. 
  • Untangling how she defines diversity, and what we should all be striving towards from the perspective of a young black woman in the industry.

Mic Drops

“Know your worth too—that’s really important. You’ll send your book out to a ton of places, and you’ll either get no response, or hear a response you don’t want to hear. And it can be heartbreaking, especially if you were hellbent on certain places. [...] Know in your heart, know your capabilities, know your worth, know that you can do a kickass job somewhere. And somewhere is going to see that talent in you and they’re going to bring you on—it’s just a matter of when and where.”

“I’ve definitely had moments where I know for a fact that I’m way too ambitious for my own good. So it’s like, ‘Yes, I want to work on everything, I want to do everything.’ But then you realize that the quality starts to suffer a little bit, because I didn’t put as much time as I thought I had into this. So being honest, being straight up, ‘I don’t know if I can handle this, I’m still learning how to do that.’”

“My advertising professor in college always told us, ‘I’ll see some work on the board. You’ll hear me say, that’s shit. But you’ll never hear me say, you’re shit.’”

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About Makeda

Makeda Loney is a Junior Copywriter at Burrell Communications writing for brands such as Walmart, McDonald's and Comcast. 

She stumbled into advertising after joining St. Bonaventure University's chapter of AAF, where she fell in love with the craft. This love lead her to the southern city of Atlanta, where she put her passion into practice at The Creative Circus. 

When Makeda isn't writing copy, she's writing poems, sometimes sending them in the mail via Keda's Poetry Service. She can also be heard arguing with Chicagoans over acceptable pizza depth and trying to spread a little glitter everywhere she goes.