EPISODE #106 || Marc Phillips, Content Director at IBM Watson Health


Marc Phillips, a Content Director at IBM Watson Health, worked in content and social strategy agency-side before recently going in-house. Hear about how to maintain a strong portfolio as a strategist, making yourself indispensable during a period of layoffs, tips on adjusting to the in-house work environment, and why your identity should include something other than what you do professionally.

Topics Discussed

  • How to maintain a strong portfolio as a strategist, including incorporating outside-of-work projects and advocating for yourself to get on the right accounts.

  • Making yourself indispensable during a period of layoffs, ways to be billable, and being a culture bearer (even as an introvert) at your agency.

  • The state of content and social strategy and how he sees it evolving, the benefit of online groups, and remembering the Golden Rule as marketers.

  • What’s he learned so far about working in-house, his tips on adjusting to the in-house work environment, and why you don’t have to think of your career in a linear pattern within a large company.

Mic Drops

“The term is ‘culture bearer’. When you have someone who is so steeped in the culture of the organization, whether they’ve been there for a long time, whether they are just an indispensable part of the company, or they bring a unique talent or skill that a lot of other people do not have—they are creating an outsized level of influence within the organization.” 

“You learn about different people from walks of life, and you get a chance to interact with people you maybe wouldn’t on a regular basis. And I think that’s that moment that a lot of people are missing. You can sometimes be in an echo chamber when you are blasting things out to the world where people who are like-minded only follow you. But if you have the chance to join a group where there are different minds that you can really learn from, that’s how you get to be better at what you do.”

“Your job—no matter how junior or senior you are—your job is to instill respect and confidence in people who are junior, lateral, and senior to you. […] You need to make sure that you are instilling a level of trust and confidence and creativity in them.”

Keep in Touch

About Marc

Marc is someone who you want on your team because he has just as much appreciation for research and strategy as he does for creative, big thinking. He had experience working in social and content strategy on the agency side for the world's largest industrial, technology, and healthcare brands. Now, Marc works in-house for IBM Watson Health as a content director overseeing end-to-end digital content experiences. Simply put, Marc knows which ingredients produce good content and which induce eyerolls. Don't just take our word for it: he was also a successful Twitter micro-influencer for several years with a separate parody handle. 

When Marc isn't reading analyst reports and sketching out ideas, he volunteers his time to teach socially isolated seniors how to use their personal electronics.