EPISODE #35 || Meaghan Diamond, VP, Creative Recruiter at MullenLowe LA

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Meaghan gives us a peek behind the recruiting curtain, helping us understand what she actually looks for when searching for high quality talent. Hear her super specific resume and portfolio tips, how to make a good impression during an interview, her mantra of ABR (Always Be Recruiting) and what that means for talent, and why just applying to a job application online usually won't cut it.

Heads up: If you hear some small animal noises in the background, that's Meaghan's dog Milo, who joined us for the interview. I also cleaned up some fan noise, which explains why I sound like a robot at the very beginning.

Topics Discussed

  • How she found recruiting after someone identified her creative eye and ability to connect with people.
  • Ways to learn about an agency’s culture, and the ways its culture affects its recruiting practice.
  • Her secrets for finding great talent (and specifically how she finds entry-level candidates), and why just applying to the job application online usually won’t cut it.
  • Super specific resume and portfolio tips, how to stand out as an applicant coming out of school, and building your personal brand online. 
  • How to make a good impression during your interview.
  • Her belief that you never know until you try—in your job search and in life. 

Mic Drops

“I have this little phrase I use, it’s called ‘ABR’ and it stands for, ‘Always Be Recruiting.’ […] Even if there’s not a role open, even if you didn’t get assigned anything, always be looking and networking. As a creative recruiter, always be looking at work.”

“If there’s a job posted, it’s probably posted not just on your agency’s website, but in probably five or more other places that just pick it up. And think about the number of applicants per job—at least 100, at least. And then think about the amount of people that are going to take the time to reach out—it’s less than that. So you’re automatically breaking through. You’re top of the line.”

“You never know the outcome until you try something. […] You never know what’s going on. That’s why as a candidate, always be talking, looking, and reaching out and learning about what’s going on and finding out if it’s the right time. Because you never know, even if it’s not posted online, you never know. And that’s a life thing—you never know if you don’t try.”

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About Meaghan

Meaghan Diamond is a Recruitment leader with a strong background in creative recruiting, recruitment leadership, and strategic staffing in the advertising industry. Meaghan is skilled in areas of talent acquisition strategy, initiative building, mentorship, team leadership, and candidate whispering.

Meaghan is currently VP, Creative Recruiter at MullenLowe Los Angeles, where she oversees Creative and Production Recruitment for the LA office. She joined MullenLowe in January 2018. Prior to Mullen, Meaghan was most recently heading up Recruitment at CP+B, where she oversaw all Recruitment functions for Crispin’s US offices and hired world class creative talent. Prior to that, she was hiring talent at shops in NYC such as mcgarrybowen and Momentum Worldwide.