EPISODE #61 || Nathalie Con, VP, Strategy Director at Giant Spoon

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Nathalie Con, VP, Strategy Director at Giant Spoon, joins us to talk about owning and branding your weirdness. Hear about the importance of asking why and the kind of work Giant Spoon is known for, being a culture add vs. a culture fit, and translating your non-advertising and non-work related interests and passions into relevant skills on your resume/in an interview (with lots of specific examples!).

Topics Discussed

  • Falling in love with advertising through the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), and the importance of horizontal networking.

  • The kind of work Giant Spoon creates, and the importance of asking why—especially when preparing for client presentations.

  • What makes for a great candidate, what it means to be a culture add vs. a culture fit, not assuming you’re the audience as a strategist.

  • Tips on how to express your whole self in an interview (with specific examples), and framing your interests and passions as valuable to the agency.

  • The soft skills required to work in strategy that you can start to hone.

  • The best advice she received to deal with imposter syndrome.

Mic Drops

“When you ask why, you start to create an indisputable point of view that actually helps [creatives] sell the work. If you’ve asked why so many times, and you’ve reached this conviction where you’re like, ‘I think this is it. We’ve asked the questions, we have an answer for everything.’ When you present  those ideas to the client with the creatives, it’s like, of course. And that’s the best outcome for a strategy or idea.”

“When we talk about culture add, it’s less about do you fit in? Do we read the same things? Do we have the sense of humor? And if we don’t, that’s a good thing. […] It’s about this culture add where you’re bringing new perspectives.”

“You have to brand your weirdness. You have to figure out, what makes me unique, or what’s something that gets me excited, and how do I refine that in a way that it makes sense for the job?”

Keep in Touch

About Nathalie

Nathalie is VP, Strategy Director of Giant Spoon––a modern, full-service agency that aspires to make anything but ads. Her leadership acumen has been the driving force behind several of Giant Spoon’s major accounts, including: Uber, NBC, Old Navy, and others. She’s able to dissect brands with a real-time, cultural approach to understanding shifts, trends, and tensions in the marketplace, while making those insights actionable. 

While at Giant Spoon, Nathalie has received numerous honors including being named Adweek’s RIsing Star for 2017 and a Cynopsis Rising Star 2016. 

Prior to joining Giant Spoon, Nathalie was a Strategic Planner at RPA. She holds a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising from Chapman University.