EPISODE #53 || One Year Anniversary Episode!

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It's the one year anniversary of the We Are Next Podcast, and we're celebrating with a special episode! Revisit some of our favorite advice from the past year, and hear answers to behind-the-scenes questions about the podcast and We Are Next.

Clips Included

  • Ep 42 - Aliya Marder, former Associate Director at Philosophie

  • Ep 4 - Kendra Croft, Copywriter at Kastner & Partners

  • Ep 6 - Rafi Kugler, Director of Recruiting at barrettSF

  • Ep 22 - Docia Nartey-Koram, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at AKQA

  • Ep 26 - Jocelyn Lai, Founder of jsl talent consulting

  • Ep 11 - Pann Lim, Creative Director at Kinetic Singapore

  • Ep 34 - Carolina Treviño, Digital Producer at the Ad Council

  • Ep 32 - Bennett Bennett, Staff Writer at The Drum

  • Ep 1 - Pam Fujimoto, Executive Creative Director at WONGDOODY LA


To every single guest from the past year—if I could have, I would have included a clip from every episode, but it would have made this episode super long. To anyone who listens, subscribes, and shares the podcast. The We Are Next Podcast doesn't happen without you.