EPISODE #1 || Pam Fujimoto, Executive Creative Director at WONGDOODY

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We sat down with Pam at the WONGDOODY LA office, and instantly connected to her nurturing, no-bullshit style of mentorship, and spirit of continued self-improvement and learning. We couldn't think of a better way to kick off the We Are Next Podcast. 

Heads up: A small clip of intro music somehow ended up at the 30:00 mark. It only lasts a few seconds, so it was easier to leave in. Learning as we go! Also, I say "like" about a thousand times, because I was excited/nervous/talking really fast. The battle against filler words continues...

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Topics Discussed

  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset when getting into advertising.
  • Not defining yourself too early, but building self-awareness around not just what's happening, but how you feel about it.
  • Finding gratification in advertising.
  • How to continually improve oneself by looking outside the industry.
  • Why the WONGterns are one of the most valuable parts of the agency.

Mic Drops

"There's a lot of good books out there, and there's a lot of okay books out there. But even within the good books, it's who is behind those books. You're hiring a person, not a book."

"No one can go in—whether you're a female or otherwise—to a situation and not feel like they have a right to be there. Assume that you have every right to be able to give your opinion, that you're valued in the room. I don't think it helps when females come in already feeling undermined in that situation. No one needs to come in as the victim, even if you may feel that way. That can never be how you approach any interaction or job opportunity."

"Don't squeeze the hamster. Don't love your idea so much it dies. Don't hold your idea so tight with your ego and your self, that you're not giving it any air, any perspective, any place for it to grow." (Advice from Tracy Wong, Founding Partner of WONGDOODY.)

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About Pam

Pam Fujimoto is the Executive Creative Director of WONGDOODY LA, where she brings over 17 years of experience developing and launching creative solutions for diverse global brands, overseeing creative development for clients like Cedars-Sinai and National University. Since joining the agency three years ago, she started the Wongtern internship program, began the Women in Advertising scholarship, led a refresh of the agency identity, and launched several female empowerment initiatives including #TheReal10 which aims to close the gender pay gap and #IPumpedHere, which encourages workplaces to provide better facilities for breastpumping employees. Pam is also Co-Founder of the site JuneCleaverIsDead.com, which explores the intersection of marketing and motherhood, and aims to better understand the modern mom. She has been featured on The Drum's Exceptional Women Out West, and has judged multiple advertising awards shows including the 2016 One Show. Pam's awards include Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, Communications Arts Design Annual and Ad Annual. She is also the proud mother and co-wrangler of eight-year old identical twin boys