EPISODE #51 || Patrick Buchanan, Creative Director and Copywriter

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Patrick Buchanan, Creative Director and Copywriter, brings stories and learnings from his whirlwind career working at agencies all over the world. Hear about how this musician serendipitously found himself at Miami Ad School (where he later taught), the politics of big and small agencies, working internationally in countries like Hungary and Moscow, and his experience co-writing a Super Bowl spot for Chrysler with Bob Dylan. 

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Topics Discussed

  • How being a musician and writer and having two shady bosses led him to serendipitously finding himself at Miami Ad School, and the irony of someone who was anti-advertising working in advertising.
  • How being a student at Miami Ad School influenced the way he taught at Miami Ad School later in his career, and his approach to giving creative feedback.
  • The politics of both big and small agencies, the types of clients you’ll work on.
  • Working internationally in countries like Hungary, the Philippines, and Moscow, how the local culture influences the work, and why the best places to work include people from different countries and backgrounds. 
  • His experience co-writing a Super Bowl spot for Chrysler with Bob Dylan. 
  • The moment when he realized what creativity is all about and decided how he would approach his career.

Mic Drops

“A creative director needs to know exactly what they like and what they don't like about something and why they like it or don’t like it. And if you can’t sit there and say, ‘This is working, this is not working, here’s why this works, here’ why this doesn’t work.’ If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t even do the job, because that’s the job. That’s literally the job. It’s in the job title—creative direction.”

“Throughout my career, the least enjoyable working environments that I’ve ever been at are places where everybody else looked like me. And I’ve been at a few places where its like, wow, all these people have the same background as I have. They had the same experiences growing up, they came from the same place. Those are the least interesting places to work at.”

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About Patrick

Patrick Buchanan is a Creative Director/Copywriter with a whirlwind career that’s taken him to agencies all over the globe, including stops at DDB Budapest, BBDO Manila, BBDO Moscow, Campbell-Ewald, Doner and Global Hue in Detroit, Sapient Razorfish in Miami, and more. Patrick graduated from Miami Ad School in 2008, and since then he’s been a teacher at the school and a three-time speaker for the school’s “Industry Hero” program.

In addition to advertising, Patrick writes, records and performs music with his band Vicious Lovers, who just released their debut EP. He also enjoys traveling to Thailand where he trains Muay Thai, or “the art of 8 limbs.”

He has survived being inside a burning van on the freeway, a terrorist bombing, a Tsunami and many harsh reviews from clients.