EPISODE #40 || Rebecca Russell, Senior Social Strategist at Wieden + Kennedy


Rebecca gives us a peek into the world of social strategy from her experience working on clients like Coca-Cola, Converse, and Bud Light. Hear about how the past stigma of being a social strategist has evolved, how she stays up on new platform developments, and the value of bringing your fresh perspective and understanding of youth culture to the agency.

Topics Discussed

  • Applying to an anonymous job posting with a tweet, and landing a social media manager position for Converse at Anomaly.
  • Why moving around to different agencies hasn’t negatively affected her career, and why you shouldn’t settle if it’s not a good fit.
  • What she does in her role as Senior Social Strategist in the new(ish) Publishing department at Wieden + Kennedy. 
  • The past stigma of being a social strategist, how it’s changed since she’s been in the industry, and the different ways brands are using social.
  • The specific skills needed to be a social strategists, and where Rebecca stays up on new platform developments.
  • Bringing your fresh perspective and understanding of youth culture because it’s valuable to the agency, and why you should be vocal about what you’re into.

Mic Drops

“It’s a big industry, and there are a lot of agencies. And there is something out there for everyone, so if it’s not a fit, then you shouldn’t feel confined to one specific place.”

“I look at a lot of resumes, and the thing that I see a lot is people who have obviously gone and looked at the resumes of Global Strat Directors and pretty much tried to lay things out the same way. And it rings disingenuous, and it also rings, ‘We already have this person here, so we don’t necessarily need what you have.’ So figure out what makes you unique and stick with it, because that could be what the agency needs.”

“Don’t downplay what you’ve been given to make anybody else feel better about themselves. Stay true to who you are. I do think that’s a really good piece of advice for this industry, because it’s easy to get caught up in traps and thinking there’s only one way to do things.”

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About Rebecca

Rebecca is a senior strategist in Wieden + Kennedy’s newly formed Publishing/Editorial & Entertainment department, and a founding member of digital travel platform On She Goes. She studied business entrepreneurship and fashion design in Champaign, Illinois, and NYC, respectively. Now, her job is to make brands pop at all costs, a skill she’s honed working on previous and present clients including Coca-Cola, Converse, Bud Light, McDonald's, Topshop, and Absolut, among several others. You can probably find her on an airplane, looking content if she has a window seat, and sad if she doesn’t.