EPISODE #63 || Sandy Greenberg and Terri Meyer, Co-founders and CEOs of TERRI & SANDY


Legends Sandy Greenberg and Terri Meyer, Co-founders and CEOs of TERRI & SANDY, share wisdom from their years of navigating the industry as creative and business partners — and they aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Hear about the difference between starting your career at a big vs. small agency, how to build resilience in your career, mindfucks to look out for and how to deal with them, and more.

Topics Discussed

  • The highlights of their careers, including meeting each other and the longevity of their partnership, working on Oreo and the “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” campaign, and their recent Clio award for their “Strands for Trans” work. 

  • The difference between starting your career in a big vs. small agency environment, and what things you should consider when looking for your first job. 

  • The best way to build resilience in your career, and coming back stronger after an idea dies.

  • Mindfucks to look out for in the industry and how to deal with them, the importance of paying attention to how you’re feeling, and not being afraid to leave a bad situation.

  • How they’ve found meaning in their careers, and drawing your own line when it comes to what kind of clients you work on.

  • How to make yourself indispensable as young talent. 

Mic Drops

“You have to pick yourself up, and you have to do better. The worst thing is if it dies and you come back with something not as good, and you don’t push yourself to be equally good. Because that’s a missed opportunity, when something ends up dwindling down and not being good.” - Terri

“When you leave the room, do you feel bad about yourself? That to me is the definition of a mindfuck. Somebody should be able to fuel you with optimism. Optimism is everything. Somebody should be able to make you feel hopeful, get you rallied up to try again. […] If you’re around somebody who constantly making you feel bad or hopeless, it’s hard to be resilient.” - Sandy

“If it feels bad, get out. I think I was told, ‘Oh you should definite stay a year, you don’t want it to look bad on your resume.’ But the truth is, just don’t put it on your resume. If it feels bad, get out. It’s just going to beat you down and make you feel bad about yourself.” - Terri

“Make yourself indispensable. […] Be passionate, be energetic. I’ve seen the creative directors here respond to young creatives who are optimistic and positive and want to help. If there’s not an opportunity, if you’re missing an opportunity, try not to mope or complain. No one has time for mopers or complainers. Try to put a positive spin on it.” - Sandy

Keep in Touch

About Terri & Sandy

“This agency breathes new life into iconic brands” is the headline ADWEEK chose to describe TERRI & SANDY, the advertising agency Terri Meyer and Sandy Greenberg founded eight years ago. Across a multitude of esteemed clients, TERRI & SANDY has earned a reputation for rejuvenating classic brands for the modern world. 

The duo met at DMB&B, St Louis where they became an Art Director (Terri) and Writer (Sandy) team on the Mars candy business. They then rose through the ranks at JWT and FCB to become Executive Creative Directors on one of the agency’s largest accounts: Kraft/Nabisco. In that role, they launched the award-winning “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” campaign for Oreo which was twice-named Kraft’s most successful global campaign. 

Eight years ago, after much prodding from their clients, Terri and Sandy founded one of the industry’s few female-owned-and-operated agencies. The eponymous TERRI & SANDY began at Terri’s dining room table and quickly won a series of new business pitches against agencies with more global offices than TERRI & SANDY had people. In 2017, the agency garnered Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year Award and was named the third most effective independent agency in North America by the prestigious Effie Awards. 

TERRI & SANDY's roster now includes iconic brands like Disney Princess, Gerber, Nestle, Avon, and The Hartford Financial Services, as well as disruptor brands such as Freshpet, The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, BJ’s Wholesale Club and The Hain Celestial Group.

Terri and Sandy’s work has garnered virtually every industry award, including eleven Effies for advertising effectiveness. Their campaigns have also permeated pop culture, landing feature stories on CNN, Jimmy Kimmel, ABC news, The View, Conan, Fox News, Access Hollywood, TBS Funniest Commercials and Today.