EPISODE #15 || Kathryn Kvas (Senior Copywriter at BBDO) & Vignesh Seshadri (Art Director at Droga5), Founders of Young Shits


In a special two-person interview, we sat down with Kat and Vig to get to know the creatives behind Young Shits. Hear about how they overcame their introverted natures to land a job at Droga5 through networking, their advice as former international students, and tips on entering student ad competitions.

Heads up: I'm on the look out for podcast guests! If you (or someone you work with) have a passion for mentorship and want to record (in person in LA, in Portland November 15-17, or remotely via Skype), hit me up at natalie@we-are-next.com.

Topics Discussed

  • How a writer from Canada and an engineer from India ended up as creative partners in the States.
  • The ingredients for a strong creative partnership.
  • Their best advice for getting a job as international students.
  • How two introverts pushed themselves to network at an awards festival, and landed a job at Droga5.
  • The idea behind Young Shits, and the initial hurdles they faced in launching a new student ad competition.
  • The most common mistake they see students make when applying to ad competitions.
  • The dynamic of splitting up as a creative team. 
  • How your creative outlets outside of advertising can help you get a job.

Mic Drops

“The simpler you can keep your idea and the more you can pare it down, the better. Because if you can look at something and be like, this is so simple, it’s so obvious, how did more people not think of it? That’s really what good ads do too. They’re very simple. You don’t see any crazy overcomplicated things. Because the viewers only have a certain amount of time to look at things too.” 

“As a judge, or someone who’s looking at your book to hire you, they’re going to look at so many books and so many entries. You’re going to be remembered by that unique insight, or that unique thing you did in the execution. So when the person has to decide the winner or hiring you, they’re going to think, oh it’s that kid with that amazing [...] stand-out thing.” 

“What you make is what your career is. And if you don’t have a partner, you’re half missing. You’re losing a good part of your career if you don’t have a good partner.” 

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About Kat & Vig

Kathryn Kvas and Vignesh Seshadri (that's Kat and Vig to you) founded Young Shits almost three years ago. They both live in NYC, where Vig is an Art Director at Droga5 and Kat is a Senior Copywriter at BBDO. They've worked on campaigns for Under Armour, Google, Best Damn Root Beer, Dixie, Bacardi, and belVita Breakfast Biscuits.