Pitch win, brand identity, user journeys, content strategy


Expressing the brand in digital

Helped Vonage bring its maverick persona to life in tone, look and feel by uncovering the role the brand could play in getting people over the existing barriers to VoIP communication.


Purpose-built user journeys

Mapped out how Vonage's audiences would move through the site after getting to know them through quantitative and qualitative research, enabling us to create multiple funnels to optimize lead generation based on business needs, size and industries.


Content, content, everywhere

Conducted comprehensive content audits of all of Vonage's sites (residential, business, support), as well as its competitors' sites to inform the content strategy for the redesign, resulting in a simplified experience that delivers benefit-led content when users need it most, and a new thought leadership hub to strengthen Vonage's voice and credibility in the industry.